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As a 501(c)(3) corporation, we are filling the gap existing between a young dreamer and his/her ability as a young achiever. Our team brings every child the platform to innovate and showcase his/her success as a contribution to his/her community.

Our team is the “Child Inspirer.” We are parents, teachers, young professionals and college students who believe a generous listening to a child’s dream inspires her innate creativity. Our devotion is for every young dreamer, ages 9-12, worldwide; to express her imagination; to utilize his innate creativity; to be passionate about achieving her personal success. We bring to a primary school pupil the platform to express imaginations, create ideas and showcase innovations.

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Our Cause is for

– No Child growing up hiding his dream!
– No Child having someone choice for her, her dream!
– No Child having her dream unnoticed and lost!
We can no longer afford the waste and loss of the individual creativity of young dreamers in our communities. We’re committed to supporting their primary education to be an inspiring experience, so that every young dreamer is becoming a young innovator.
Our goal is to bring to every child’s unnoticed dream, an audience that inspires confidence, resourcefulness and leadership.

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3 out of 20 volunteers
42 out of 90 Young Dreamers
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Success Stories

  • ... thank you, We'R'NextGeneration, for your good work of being such a good listener to me, helping me to understand who I am, to understand me, to understand how to ‘know what I don’t know’, that I'm not too small to create and I don’t have to wait to become my dream.

    Rafael, 12
  • Fantastic. What a great contribution. Thank you, Child Inspirer  

    Conor Gallogly
  • My daughter, Jomiloju, is so alive and passionate during the Creativity Challenge Camp. We'R'NextGeneration has been a great contribution to my daughter and our community. We cannot wait to have the camp again in the next school year."

    Mrs. Bakare-Kolawole

The Activity

Our Creativity Challenge Camp program is a platform for a young dreamer to exercise the use of his creative power in building his impossible imagination without being stopped by all encountered failures, but rather to accomplish his personal success. This program, an introductory 8-session event, provides the kick-start needed for a child to begin taking immediate actions, and developing generous and steadfast habits that achieve success.

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Join us in bringing to every young dreamer, ages 9-12, the Creativity Challenge Camp
that inspire his/her confidence, resourcefulness and leadership to innovate.